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News and Upcoming Events

Eng Games to host Blues Pub

May 28

Ah yes, Blues Pub is back in session. Kicking off the first BP of Summer 2016, Eng Games (aka Jeux de Genie), has picked Red vs.

2016/2017 EUS Executives!!!

Mar 29

Thanks to everyone who voted! We're excited to announce the new EUS Executives for next year:

EUS Elections are Underway!

Feb 16

Campaigning Period is now over for EUS Executive positions and now, from Monday, Feb 15th to Friday, Feb 19th, it is time to cast your ballot and vote for next year's EUS exec

Smoking on Campus

Dec 16

The SSMU is deciding on what, if any, position to take on some proposals by some Councilors on the issue of smoking on campus.

Our Executive Team

  • Jean-Louis Shi


  • Mitch Dumont

    VP Internal

  • Jessica Dakkak

    VP External

  • Nicolas Proulx-Jones

    VP Clubs & Admin

  • Malcolm McClintock

    VP Communications

  • Erin Holley

    VP Services

  • Pentcho Tchomakov

    VP Finance

  • Katherine Duff

    VP Academic