RoboHacks: For Students

RoboHacks is a robotics hackathon event, held annually by McGill Robotics, an engineering design team that builds robots and enters them into international competitions every year. RoboHacks is a relatively new, outreach-oriented initiative that aims to open the door of technology to young, interested students who have little or no previous experience with robotics.

Different from most hackathons that are primarily based on software, RoboHacks is a hardware hackathon, where participants are given various hardwares as physical mediums to actualize inspirational ideas. We welcome students with all levels of skills or experiences in robotics, from CEGEP students to PHD students, providing them a chance to engage in hands-on learning about robotics. Despite the local community in Montreal, we also invite students from all over North America to our on-campus event for 24 hours, give them access to hardware and tutorials, and allow them to unleash their creativity and build their own robot. Through RoboHacks, we have managed to influence the lives of many young students who have developed a budding interest in robotics due to their memorable experiences here.

The team of RoboHacks organizers strives to make this experience as eye-opening and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. Our fundamental value corresponds to McGill Robotics’ slogan: inspiring students to build robots, and building robots to inspire students. If you want to learn more about the team, our recruitment process, or our robots, visit our website, or and connect with @mcgillrobotics on social media for regular updates on our progress.

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