McGill Chem-E Car

McGill Chem-E Car

The McGill Chem-E Car Design Team was founded in 2013. Since then, the team has substantially grown from 13 to 81 active members from varying academic disciplines. Team members put their innovative ideas and engineering skills together to produce a car completely powered and stopped by chemical reactions. Our design team incorporates aspects of electrical, mechanical, software, computer, material and chemical engineering. Every year, we design, develop and build a new car to compete with teams from universities from around the world at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AlChE) Chem-E Car competition.

Our team competed in the Northeast Regional competition at MIT and Northeastern University in March 2015 and placed second overall, qualifying for the National Competition in Salt Lake City. On November 2015, we placed 1st among 36 universities from around the world to claim the 2015-2016 World Championship title.

The Chem-E Car Design Team is the perfect environment to apply your engineering knowledge and explore sustainable and innovative energy alternatives at McGill! Learn more about us on our website or follow us on social media platforms for constant updates.