Department: U4 Materials
Office Hours: TBA


  1. Equity Committee
  2. Faculty & Alumni Relations
about me

Jessica McAvoy

A bit about myself

My name is Jessica McAvoy and I am very excited to serve you this upcoming academic year as your President. I am born and raised in Calgary, where I found a love of the outdoors and all things mountainous. I work at Frostbite, which is always the best place to socialize over deliciousness, and I am currently in Materials engineering. I first got involved in event planning in the Engineering Socials Committee, and have since branched out to other clubs both in and out of the EUS. If there is one piece of advice that you have heard before, it is get involved, but it should really be to find something you are passionate about and go ahead and do it, you will find like minded people in the process and will be much happier because of it. As president, my role is to represent Engineering students to the Engineering Faculty and McGill Administration, oversee the Equity committee, and lead a team of stupendous individuals known as the executive committee. The EUS Equity team promotes diversity, inclusion, and equity in engineering, and plan many events over the course of the year. I am here to do everything I can to serve you! Feel free to drop by my office anytime if ever you have an idea about an improvement that could be made in the EUS, need someone to vent to, have a good joke, or anything in between.

My role as President

The President is the official spokesperson and general manager of the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University, an accredited student association. The main duty of the president is to represent McGill engineering students to the Administration, the Engineering Faculty, any media outlet and other external organizations. The mandate also includes chairing weekly meetings of the EUS Executive committee and overseeing the Equity Committee. Additionally, the president negotiates major EUS’ contracts and address any legal issues that may arise.