Department: U3 Computer
Office Hours: TBA


  1. CopiEUS
  2. Frostbite
  3. The Cube
  4. G-Store
  5. Room Bookings
  6. Equipment Rentals
  7. Plate Club
about me

Kareem Halabi, VP Services

A bit about myself

Originally from Toronto, Ontario, I’m now in my fourth year pursuing a Computer Engineering Degree and a Minor in Finance. I have enjoyed being involved in design teams, services and departmental societies within the EUS since I came to McGill in 2014. I started as a member of the McGill Robotics Rover Electrical team in my first and second year, I was a manager at the G-Store since 2015 and this past year I took on the role of ECSESS VP Finance. In my free time, I enjoy binging through several TV shows, playing squash over the weekend and battling friends in Super Smash Bros.

My role as VP Services

My portfolio oversees all of the services that EUS offers to our students. Our four primary businesses, Copi-EUS, Frostbite, G-Store and The Cube hires several engineering students for both employee and manager positions. I meet with the managers regularly to ensure operations are running smoothly and to provide support with their upcoming projects. Also under my portfolio are room bookings for the Common Room, Committee Room and Infosys as well as equipment rentals such as lockers, a tool box and a BBQ all of which are handled by the Space Manager. If you are interested in any of the roles in the services portfolio or just want to have a chat, feel free to reach out!